Are you overwhelmed, distracted and always looking for the right tool?

We were just like you. Then we heard on a podcast about a simple trick. Track your time to see what you really are working on.

I can still remember my friend and co-founder Mitch telling me about a new secret weapon he’d found while listening to a podcast. We mastermind together, and I have been watching his business Evolve Artist and Pencil Kings grow over the years and noticed his recent success in raising his MRR and his free time.

“It’s a time tracking spreadsheet that I use to help track my time” Mitch explains to me. 

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“After each time entry I decide whether I should be doing that task (keep), delegating it, automating it, or deleting it. It’s so great, I think I want to build a SaaS for it. “

Nah, that sounds like a distraction… focus on your core businesses, was my response.

That was until I started following the same system and I realised it was a game changer for me as well.

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We are giving you access to our secret weapon.

The time tracking application that has helped us laser focus our time to maximise profits in our businesses and give us hours more free time every week.

Mitch and I were so excited about this application, that we decided to SaaS it out so other distracted, and overwhelmed entrepreneurs can free up their minds, their time, and start working on the things that really matter in their business and life.

This isn’t about tracking your clients time (we can do that), and invoicing. We know there are apps out there that do that.

We want you to use these principles

Become better cognizant of the things you’re really getting done


Use the 80/20 rule to leverage your time on your highest priority items


Become a better delegator


Get rid of the stuff you have no business working on

Here’s to guiding you on your journey back to feeling calm and focused, instead overwhelmed and distracted.


Spend more time with friends and family, passion projects or exercise

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Geordie Wardman

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Mitch Bowler

Owner Pencil Kings
Co-founder EvolveArtist

Don’t forget to check out our free spreadsheet. It’s the same spreadsheet Mitch created that changed his life.

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Recently, I needed a program to track my time for a new position I started. My new client recommended that I try DadTracker because he was enjoying it, and so I signed up for it that same day. It's dead simple to setup, fast and easy for me to track my time, and now I'm off and running able to keep track of all of my clients different projects. It's much better than anything else I've used. I plan to keep using it for a long time to come.

Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson

When you are ready to 10x your life, you have to wear a lab coat to analyze where you are being productive. And stop telling yourself stories. Unfortunately we always think we are more productive than we are, but when we actually can see where our time goes, the myth is busted.

I use DADTracker to help me put more and more time where it will have the most impact. In being able to evaluate every use of my time so that I can Delegate, Automate or Delete recurring activities it sets me up to make compounding time gains… much like an investor with compounding returns.

Imagining how much I can improve my use of time with small daily improvements is exciting, since that’s the most valuable resource I have anyway.