Time and Date Meeting Planner: Organizing Sessions for Global Teams

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Time and Date Meeting Planner: Organizing Sessions for Global Teams. 1

Determining the Prime Across Time Zones. 1

Organizing Multiple Time Zone Meetings with World Clock Pro. 2

Organizing an International Meeting with the Mac Calendar App.. 2

Using the Day-Timer Planner. 3

Tips for Planning Meetings in Different Time Zones. 4

Alternate Recurring Meeting Times. 4

Use Tools to Reduce Time Wastage. 4

Use a Time and Date Meeting Planner: Respect the Attendee’s Time. 4

Time and Date Meeting Planner Conversion. 5

Finally. 5

The internet and the time and date meeting planner has changed the way people work. Today employees can collaborate with their colleagues from any part of the world. For businesses and freelancers with no reliance on locality, this is good news. What does this mean? You can work together with clients in Australia or the UK while living in the United States as you would in a physical office. Read on to learn:

  • How to determine the prime across time zones
  • How to organize international meetings effectively

Determining the Prime Across Time Zones

When holding an international meeting, you need to understand the appropriate time zone for your client. For example, if you are in London and your client is in Los Angeles, holding regular physical meetings would be impossible. To facilitate the smooth running of operations, you would need to meet over a conference call, Facetime, or video conference.

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You will also need to schedule your meeting at an appropriate time for both of you. The meeting planner app is one of the most efficient ways of scheduling meetings for distributed teams. You can also use World Clock Pro, Day-Timer Planner, or Mac Calendar. Here are the details. 

Organizing Multiple Time Zone Meetings with World Clock Pro

World Clock Pro is a meeting scheduler and time zone converter that complements your calendar flawlessly. Here is how to use this tool to organize group activities, meetings, calls, or webinars within seconds. 

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  • Launch World Clock Pro. Click the + button to insert the time zones or names of your preferred cities.
  • Click on the map and shuffle the shadow over to choose an appropriate time. You will see that time changes based on the location when the shadow moves. 
  • Click Add Event to set up a calendar activity
  • Name your event and include the essential tag such as Home, Work, Events, or Family.
  • Set up a reminder so that you can receive an alert before the meeting begins. Now click add, to include the meeting in your calendar. 

Organizing an International Meeting with the Mac Calendar App

The calendar application on your Mac connects to your current time zone. Still, you can change the time zone to facilitate saving of scheduled events in the same time zone. For example, assuming you are in Los Angeles, running on PST (Pacific Time). You can change the time zone of your calendar to London time (GMT), to organize a meeting. Switching to the Pacific Time will not compromise your GMT time zone for your meeting. Here is how to change the time zone with ease. 

4 1
  • Click on Calendar the preferences before clicking Advanced.
  • On the checkbox to Activate time zone support
  • A pop-up menu will now appear beside the search section in your calendar. You can now pick your preferred time zone. If you do not see the time zone you need in the list, click “Other” for an advanced search. 
  • Once time zone support is active, you can configure the time zone for particular events. Select floating to avoid moving the event when you view your calendar from a different time zone

The calendar app is ideal for scheduling meetings in a single different time zone. However, it is not easy if your team members are in various time zones. For example, if your meeting with a client based in New York should include another client in Australia. If you were to use the Calendar app in this case, you would have to create multiple events. 

Using the Day-Timer Planner 

The Day-Timer Planner allows you to take charge of your life. Today, many people look forward to achieving life-work balance, doing more every day, and building their goals better. Whether you are a beginner or an established individual in scheduling meetings, Day-Timer gives you excellent planners. With these planners, you can manage your schedule better and become more productive. This meeting planner includes daylight saving time where appropriate and accepts selected current or future dates. 

The Day-Timer planner has been in existence for over 60 years, carving a niche in the time management industry as a dependable solution. Day-Timer customers prefer the personal organizers that the planner offers. These come with a range of flexible solutions to cater to your needs. 

Day-Timer offers customers planner covers, paper planners, planner accessories, and calendar refills, ensuring that they enjoy a range of fashion, function, and size. 

Day-Timer comes with planner products that demonstrate an in-depth understanding of customers’ sophisticated and unique lifestyles. Its time management solutions help users prioritize and handle their limited time to achieve a life-work balance, plan their daily activities, and achieve professional and personal goals. 

Tips for Planning Meetings in Different Time Zones

Alternate Recurring Meeting Times

Planning a meeting across time difference zones requires flexibility, seeing that each option comprises two locations meeting at an appropriate time. Alternate the meeting time every week to achieve fairness. Doing so balances meeting times for all attendees.

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Use Tools to Reduce Time Wastage

Various cloud-based tools come with excellent features that help meeting organizers to manage different time zones. As we have seen above, you can use tools such as Doodle for precise online surveys, World Clock meeting planner, and the Day-Time Planner. You can even download a meeting planner from timeanddate.com. Many of the time and date meeting planner tools and plugins are compatible with both desktop and mobile applications like iPhone, iOS, and Android.

Use a Time and Date Meeting Planner: Respect the Attendee’s Time

Using a time and date meeting planner ensures that the invitees receive accurate details on the session. This tool allows organizers to determine whether the participants will be busy then or the meeting interrupts personal time. 

Time and Date Meeting Planner Conversion 

Meeting organizers should learn how to use online time zone abbreviations tools for calculations. Calculations for the participants should consider the CST (Central Standard Time) UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), time settings on the invitees computers, and local DST (Daylight Savings Times) rules. You can do these time zone conversion calculations manually in the following formula. 

Local time for participants = standard time zone offsets + UTC at the time of meeting + required offsets to justify daylight savings time.


  • A time and date meeting planner helps organizers plan meetings within an appropriate time for attendees. 
  • A robust meeting planner forms a critical part of an excellent time management system. 
  • Knowing how to use a meeting planner helps reduce time wastage while enhancing productivity.

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