Leveraging a Time Management Worksheet to Boost Productivity

A time management worksheet is a crucial tool that can help you manage both your professional and personal time more effectively. Completing your work on time allows you to get rid of unnecessary stress and improves your reputation in the workplace. Further, you get more free time to focus on your hobbies or even relax. Read along and understand some of the worksheets you can use.   


Powerful Time Management Worksheets 

There are numerous time management worksheets that you can use to ease your goal achievement efforts. Let us discuss some of these at a glance.

·         Time Management Wheel

The time management wheel is a printable and editable worksheet that allows users to color-code daily time activities. It includes one-hour breaks on its time block. To use this worksheet successfully, you need to allocate a specific color to a particular activity. Proceed to place a segment of M&Ms in the matching time when executing the role. If you cannot access M&Ms, you can use colored markers and crayons instead.

·         Time Tracking Worksheet 

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The time tracking worksheet is ideal when it comes to tracking down your activities. It comes with a column where you can indicate the approximate time you will spend on your task. It also features a second column where you record the actual number of hours you spent on the job.

This worksheet features a space where you indicate the frequency of your task. In this section you can monitor your weekly time. You will also get another column where you record whether the work is crucial or not. This column allows you to tell the difference between your priority tasks and irrelevant activities.  

·         Weekly Schedule Template 

This time management template allows you to set a start date and time breaks based on your preferences. Time breaks vary from 10 to 120 minutes, depending on the number of details you want to include. This weekly planner also features a section where you can indicate your flexible and fixed tasks. 

·         24-Hour Weekly Activity Log 

How you use your 24-hours determines how soon you can achieve your set goals. This worksheet allows you to track the activities in your daily schedule in minutes. Doing so helps you get an accurate estimation of the total hours you spend on every task.

According to experts, including more working hours in your schedule time can hinder your productivity. Working smarter is more rewarding than working hard. Get more work done by planning, organizing, and pacing yourself. You will even have some free time to do the things you love. 

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·         Your Time Buttoned Up 

This worksheet comes with a time blocking feature, complete with 30-minute breaks. It allows you to monitor your schedule for the entire week, including Saturday Sunday, from 7 am to 2 am. The standout feature in this worksheet is color-coded tiny marks that coincide with the productivity of your task. For example, green is more productive than orange, while red indicates time-wasting tasks. 

·         Where Does My Time Go? 

This worksheet applies different principles and strategies to facilitate effective time management. It comes with 30-minute breaks to track the amount of time you spend on each task. Where does my time go also features the Eisenhower Matrix to help users understand their highest priority tasks. It also enables you to identify tasks that you can do later. With this worksheet, you can track your daily schedule at the end of the day. It comes with a column where you can highlight your basic program for the following day. 

·         Daily Planner Template


The daily planner tracker is ideal for all-inclusive daily schedule planning. It breaks hours into 15-minute breaks allowing you to classify activities into smaller sections. The daily planner template permits you to indicate important functions that you do not want to forget. You can use this planner for both business and personal purposes.  

·         Task Tracker Template 

The task tracker template allows you to monitor how you use your time. It also indicates your due dates and priority status of each activity. You can customize this worksheet to include extra information. You can even use the comments section to provide instructions, record notes, and crucial reminders. This template is ideal for creating an activity log of both pending and completed activities. You can also use it to set up your to-do list.  

·         Time Management Log 

Are you always missing deadlines and suddenly struggling to accomplish your work within 24 hours? If you are, then you lack proper time management skills. Adopting the right time management tools can help you achieve more within the stipulated time.

A time management log is an essential tool that comes with letter coding features allowing you to categorize activities according to their importance. In this case, A represents important tasks, B stands for somehow important, and C represents not important tasks. A (*) indicates urgent activities. 

·         Employee Schedule Template 

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Time management schedules and worksheets are critical workplace tools that you can adopt to indicate priority tasks while eliminating time wasters. A robust time tracking tool facilitates attendance tracking, communication among the employees, and payroll calculation.

This template provides a weekly spreadsheet to ease the management of collective employee schedules. Add the name of each employee against every day of the week and their work station during certain hours. The template will calculate the number of hours each employee has completed. 

·         Time Manager

This worksheet is ideal for college students. Managing your time while in college can be a difficult task. You will need proper planning to beat deadlines and find enough time to engage in your extracurriculars. This time manager ensures that you do not miss your classes or any other crucial events. You can use it to monitor your priority tasks.

This worksheet features a section where you can indicate the activities you need to complete by the end of the week. It also comes with a time block and one-hour breaks during weekdays. There is no time blocking feature for the Saturday Sunday schedule. Students can take advantage of the weekends to take breaks and focus on self-care.

·         Weekly Time Management Tracker

The weekly time management tracker is a printable problem-solving tool that works with your program. It gives you a clear picture of your daily schedule, which helps you to figure out activities that are taking up most of your time.

You can maximize the potential of this tracker to facilitate your time management efforts. This worksheet features categories that you can use to monitor your activities for the day. These categories include:

  • Work-based activities like special assignments and meetings
  • Self-care activities like meditation and massage
  • Fitness and health activities such as meal preparation and the time you spend at the gym

High School Time Management

High school academic programs are not as hectic as college schedules. Still, high school students need proper time management strategies to ensure they are using their time accordingly. Doing so helps the students to develop valuable study practices and appropriate organizational skills. These traits can help them in their future lives.

In this high school time management worksheet, students need to determine the number of hours they spend on weekly activities. These include school lessons, extracurriculars, sleep, and unstructured time. Getting sufficient sleep is crucial for teenagers, and this template offers a specific number of hours for sleeping.

·         Time Log Sheet


The time log sheet is a columnar time tracking tool that comes with enough space, allowing you to record all your tasks. With this worksheet, you can track the number of hours you spend on each activity on your list.

While filling this sheet, you will understand when you begin and complete a task. This tool prompts users to determine whether a role is something they plan to do, or have done it casually. It comes with a column where you can write notes. The notes enable you to beware of essential details affiliates with the entries in the sheet. 

·         Weekly Evaluation Template 

The weekly evaluation worksheet allows you to analyze your task progress. You can use the information you gather to plan your program for the coming week. Employees can leverage this template to develop clear reports for managers. This tool provides an easy way to mark your achievements while tracking your incomplete tasks. 

Effective Time Management Tips 

Accepting numerous roles without a proper schedule template and navigating distractions results in time wastage. It can even leave you stressed as you struggle to understand how to complete the tasks. Here are some tips that will help you improve your time management skills.  

·         Differentiate between Flexible and Fixed Activities 

Some tasks on your schedule come with a fixed time, which means they occur every week at the same time. Other activities, on the other hand, are flexible, meaning they usually occur periodically or can be scheduled at different times.

An example of fixed tasks includes classes, work hours, mealtimes, meetings, commute hours, kid’s activities, and going to church. An example of flexible roles is; scheduled time for household chores, exercising, study time, downtime, entertainment, errands, and appointments.   

·         Break Activities into Manageable Groups 

Are you handling complex tasks that require multiple actions? If you are, separate each step to get a sequence of manageable goals to achieve.   

·         Define the amount of time you need in a Realistic Manner 

Having a to-do list helps you create enough time for important tasks. With a plan, you do not have to be in a hurry to complete your job. What’s more, you will not have to spend more time on roles that you can finish fast.  

·         Come up with a Routine 

While a schedule offers you a guide, developing regular habits allows you to sustain productivity. Effective time management practices can facilitate a sense of ease and confidence. 

·         Set Goals 

Goal setting helps you understand both your long-term and short-term goals. Write your objectives and indicate how you plan to achieve them. Include a timeline by which you should have accomplished your set goals. Understanding your objectives helps devise strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Doing so enables you to achieve your goals faster, and this gives you a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment. 

·         Relax 

Relaxing is one of the robust time management strategies that can help you hedge closer to achieving your goals. While we are living in a fast-paced world, focusing on your self-care prepares you to get more tasks done within a short time. Try to exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Remember, you cannot achieve anything if you are burnt-out or stressed. 

·         Reward Yourself 

Consider rewarding yourself once you achieve your set goals within the stipulated time. Compensation options include: setting aside enough time to relax or doing the things that you enjoy.  

Key Takeaways 

  • A time management worksheet can help boost productivity while reducing stress. 
  • Effective time management skills help you achieve your set goals within the stipulated time. These skills also come in handy to prevent procrastination. 
  • Mastering time management improves your reputation both at school and in the workplace. 
  • Managing your time gives you a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. It also makes you happier while allowing you enough time to relax and engage in recreational activities. 
  • You can customize a template to develop the best time management worksheet that meets your needs best.
  • You can access and download free time management templates from Google.
  • Include breaks and self-care sessions in your schedule to decompress and re-energize. 


Time Management Worksheet

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