Track My Hours: Why it is Necessary

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Track My Hours: Why it is Necessary. 1

Track Work Hours to Maintain Focus. 1

Tracking Time can Help you get Crucial Certification. 1

Track My Hours: Managing Individual Progress. 2

Take Away. 3

One of the questions that many people struggle with is; how can I track my hours? If you are an employer, adopting time tracking software is crucial for compensating your employees fairly. Using a time tracking app is also essential for employees and freelancers. Read on to learn more about time tracking. 

Track Work Hours to Maintain Focus

When the clock in option in your Toggl time management system is clicking, you will focus on your time logs and the task at hand. Concentrating on irrelevant things will ruin your plan, and knowing that helps you maintain focus and complete your work fast.

You will even reduce errors that may occur as you race to complete your work. If you are employed, leveraging a shared excel timesheet alerts team members that you are busy. The ability to track time allows you to avoid distractions that may bar you from achieving your set goals. 

Tracking Time can Help you get Crucial Certification 

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Did you know that to get the LMFT licensure (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) you need over two years of full-time supervision hours experience? Depending on your state, you may need to undergo the LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) training before you can warm the MFT licensure. This training teaches you resilience and the art of tracking your time.

Often, many employers and their employees struggle to track their hours, with some using time tracking paid plan systems to assist them. Today, various time tracking options that ease the process are available. For example, employers can leverage the Asana platform to manage their teams. 

Track My Hours: Managing Individual Progress 

Some people still use CSV graphs to track time. While these were effective in the past, you can use modern and advanced systems to maximize your results. For example, the TickTockLab time tracker is a user-friendly app that you can access via Android or iPhone devices. 


Unlike some web apps, which can be complicated, navigating through the TickTockLab tracker is easy. With this time tracker, you do not have to hire a professional to verify your hours or even complete invoicing tasks. Again, this tracker is not only affordable, but it gives you long-term value for your money. 

As time evolves, time tracking is becoming more critical for businesses and individuals. With the evolution of the workforce and jobs, there is a growing need to track your hours. You can track work hours to assess employee work habits and progress, make estimates, and manage projects. 

The ideal time tracker helps you and your business to:

  • Get insights into the time you or your employees spend
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Use your insights as a learning experience to increase productivity.
  • Streamline workflow, which helps you improve quality
  • Improves transparency in work processes

Effective time tracking gives you eye-opening insights. You understand the amount of time you spend engaging in various activities like browsing the internet, social media, or even searching for documents. While these may be minor day-to-day activities, once accumulated, they can be overly time-consuming. 

Take Away

Tracking your hours is crucial for proper insight, healthy workflow, and enhanced productivity. Understanding the tasks that consume much of your time helps you eliminate what you find unnecessary. Visit our website today for more details.


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